16 June-28 February 2022
ISC News Protecting Critical Infrastructure Event


Personalized Recommendations

In order to maximize your experience at the event, we have several networking opportunities that will help you discover the people and products most relevant to you. Please be sure to select "Yes" to unlock the full value of these features.

Your answer;to the following question;will be used to provide you with personalized recommendations. These recommendations make it easier for you to find the most relevant products new to the market, most relevant exhibitors to connect with, and most relevant attendees to network with, helping you get the most out of your time at the event. You may opt out of receiving the recommendations at any time.

The Digital Directory

Our digital event and networking capabilities will help you to connect with other show participants via the Digital Directory. The Digital Directory will be available to other show participants, allowing them to connect with you and vice versa. By opting out of the Digital Directory, you will not be able to network with other event participants and will miss out on a key aspect of the event. You can opt out of the directory at any time.


Only by accessing their virtual showroom, or interacting with a session, will you potentially receive follow-up communications from that Sponsor.

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